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Moor Electronics has ceased manufacturing Marine Instruments. Parts and Service will still be available for the forseeable future to take care of your needs.

We apologize to our thousands of customers throughout the years for this inconvenience. We have been asked to still offer parts through and will continue to do so. All sales on Moor Parts are final. has been a retailer of high quality marine sailboat instruments from "Moor Electronics, Inc." since March of 2000.

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Moor Trolling Instruments and Replacement Parts

The Sub-Troll 900

Speed and Temperature at the Lure!

No Longer Available

Only Replacement Parts
are Available

Replacement Probe Sub-Troll 900

If you have lost or damaged your existing probe, you can order another one. Come with leader kit and rigger kit with tape.

 $ 199.00

(Limited Quantities
2-3 weeks Lead-Time

25' Antenna Cable
Replacement Ext. Antenna Cable 25' for Sub-Troll 900.

 $ 26.75

12' Antenna Cable

Replacement Ext. Antenna Cable 12' for Sub-Troll 900.

 $ 13.75

Replacement Ext. Antenna Cable 3' for Sub-Troll 900.
(Back in Stock)

 $ 9.75
(Back in Stock))

Antenna Cable Extender
RCA to RCA female barrel connector for extending cable on Sub Troll 900

 $ 4.75

3' Replacement Antenna
Replacement 3' Antenna for Sub-Troll 900

$ 37.75

Coated Downrigger Cable

Standard 150 lb. Test - 200' Spool

 $ 29.85

Turbo Blade Impeller Wheel w/Shaft For All Speed Transmitters

Replacement Turbo Blade Impeller Wheel w/Shaft For All Speed Transmitters  

 $ 26.95

Thru-Hull Fitting
With Nut

Limited Availablity - Ask First

Replacement Thru-Hull Fitting with Nut used on all Moor Electronics sailing & trolling speed instruments.  

$ 35.00

Limited Availabilty
Ask First

Dummy Plug For Thru-Hull Fitting

Dummy Plug For Thru-Hull Fitting

Not Available  

$ 35.00

Not Available

Thru-Hull Gasket BRG-3

Replacement Thru-Hull Gasket  

  $ 5.00

Instrument Cover 5" Round

White Plastic Cover fits all Moor Electronics instruments.  

 $ 8.95
Quantity :

Speed Transducer Red
Replacement Speed Transducer for Osprey

$ 62.00
No Top Nut Supplied - Use Your Old One For Better Fit 

Speed Transducer Tan
Replacement Speed Transducer for Kingfish

 $ 80.00
No Top Nut Supplied - Use Your Old One For Better Fit

Speed Transducer Blue
Replacement Speed Transducer for
Tournament Kingfish

 $ 68.50
No Top Nut Supplied - Use Your Old One For Better Fit

TAPE ROLL 30 ft.
#130C, For Sub-Troll 900

 $ 26.50

* NEW Klincher Kit
For Sub-Troll Cable

 $ 9.95

80 lb Leader Kit
Replacement Leader Kit for
Sub Troll 900

 $ 9.95

Rigger Kit & Tape
Replacement Rigger Kit & Tape for
Sub Troll 900.
Crimp Sleeves are for 150lb Test Cable

 $ 9.00

Misc. Parts

150 lb or 210 lb Cable Sleeves(10 pk)
(Sleeves are Unavailable)

Snap Swivel(2) For Sub Troll

Please Specify Your Part

 $ 3.95
Parts :
150 lb Sleeves
210 lb Sleeves
Snap Swivel


(Currently Unavailable)
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