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Dry Hands Sports Grip Lotion


 Low Prices!

Dry Hands Lotion
New - 2 Sizes - 1 & 2 oz

The Ultimate Gripping Solution
For All Sports & Pole Dancers

Is There a Slip in Your Grip?

If you are active in sports and you perspire heavily, especially on those hot, humid days, you really need to try "Dry Hands." The non-sticky gripping solution for hot, humid or rainy conditions. It's so effective it repels water and perspiration. It is currently available through in 1 oz. bottles. A little goes a long way. Try it out. A very convenient sized bottle that fits easily into your gym bag, purse or golf bag.

Dry Hands Sports Grip Traction Lotion"I am very happy to offer Dry Hands Lotion at my dance studio, it is a very popular product. I have some students that would not be able to execute the pole maneuvers without your product. Without Dry Hands they would slip right down the pole and they would lose confidence. Now that they use Dry Hands they have the confidence and the moves."

Paulette’s Studio of Dance

This product has been widely endorsed and has been praised
by the lastest craze sweeping the nation:

Pole Dancing!

And has been endorsed by several PGA Tour members.

Quantity Discounts Available!

We had our 1st price increase in 7 years. New prices are $6.59 for the 1oz bottle and $9.59 for the 2oz bottle, and if you purchase 12 or more bottles we will discount each bottle. *See below for discounts. We'll ship it via priority mail unless combined with other products.

 What is Dry Hands?

 What does Dry Hands feel like?

 DRY HANDS is a performance enhancing solution that alleviates grip problems caused by perspiration or rain. So effective, it actually repels water. Feel the difference with DRY HANDS, the most natural and comfortable grip available in sports today.

 The advantage to DRY HANDS is that it is not sticky or greasy. And since it leaves no powdery mess, you won't even realize you have it on. Best of all, it's long lasting and economical so you can concentrate on the game at hand.

 Who uses Dry Hands?

  How do you apply Dry Hands?

DRY HANDS is used by anyone whose performance is adversely affected by wet hands from perspiration or rain - golf, tennis, bowling, baseball, football, basketball, gymnastics, weight lifting, ice hockey and even pole dancing!

Clean and dry hands prior to application.

Dispense a small amount into the palm and spread evenly across the surface. Allow to air dry for approximately 15 seconds.
Buy 1 Ounce Bottles of Dry Hands Now - Only $6.59 Per Bottle
(1oz Bottles are bulk and packed in display case of 15 bottles)
Quantity Discounts Per Bottle: 12-23 - $.25, 24-47 - $.50, 48 - 71 - $75, 72 + - $1.00

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Buy 2 Ounce Bottles of Dry Hands Now - Only $9.59 Per Bottle
(2oz bottles are not blister packed/carded)
(Purchase a case of 12 bottles - packed with display as shown below.)
Quantity Discounts Per Bottle: 12-35 - $.50, 36-71 - $.75, 72 + - $1.00
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